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About Us

Our belief is that Royal Sheet Metal exists for one thing...service. Whether it is building quality products for our customers, doing what's best for our employees, supporting local businesses, or reaching out to the needs of the global community... our goal simply is to serve. We know we are called by God to use this company as a whole to meet the needs of people everywhere. Royal Sheet Metal is an entity used in all capacities from our talents, time and treasures to reach out where we are called to serve. Renewed, day by day, in service to others.

If you'd like to partner with us, please check out our community page and help where you are able in support of some great organizations doing amazing work both locally and beyond.

Company History

Ron and Darla Kooienga purchased Royal Sheet Metal in the fall of 1985 when it had its humble beginnings as an HVAC and architectural metals firm with some small fabrication services. In 1991 we moved into our current location on the north side of Holland where we have been blessed enough to venture into more specialized fabrication with many CNC services.

While we are no longer officially in the HVAC and architectural business, we still do that work on a smaller scale. With change of processes also came a change of ownership, in January of 2011 Ron and Darla's oldest son Jeff and his wife Laurie purchased Royal Sheet Metal and are still carrying on the quality and service all our customers expect. As of October 2012 we are in our 27th year of family ownership.

Our Service to You

Royal Sheet Metal is a full service metals fabrication company located in Holland, Michigan; we specialize in one-off products and prototypes, all the way to low production runs.

With the best equipment possible, Royal Sheet Metal can meet your needs for most any metals fabrication project including laser cutting, welding, bending, punching, rolling and much more.

We are your one stop shop for all metals processing including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and more.