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Fabrication Services for Every Need

Quality products is one of the cogs of our work philosophy at Royal Sheet Metal. We pride ourselves in putting a little piece of ourselves into every project that enters and exits our doors. We offer a full line of fabrication capabilities to ensure that no job is too big or too small, and that every job is done right.

Our available services include:

Laser Cutting

Our in-house 2D laser cutting machines offer versatility and precise part engineering for any size job. Laser cutting is often the most effective, as well as the most precise process for cutting sheet or plate metal, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal types.

Metal Forming

With our three CNC press brakes and large inventory of tooling we can cut set up times down and bend metal with precision. With capabilities of up to 12 feet long and 230 tons, we can address most any bending need that you may have.

Metal Stamping

At our off-site stamping house we can produce tooling as well as parts for your low to large production runs for ongoing parts inventory.


With this added value service we can help with any machining process from one-off parts to production runs as well; no job is too small or too large.


Our full service weld shop offers MIG, TIG and spool welding for all types of metals from carbon, stainless, aluminum and structural. With two certified welders on staff and one more in training, we can address all your welding and weld cleaning needs.

Metal Rolling

With our top-notch rolling equipment we can take care of all radius needs up to eight feet long and in most cases 3/8" thick materials.

Metal Shearing

With two shears on hand, we are capable of blank cutting up to 12 feet long and 1/4" thick steel and aluminum and up to 10 ga. in stainless steel.

Metal Punching

Our CNC punching allows us to set up for those one off parts and low production runs. With large selection of tooling we can punch rounds, squares, oblong, and much more.

Saw Cutting

Our saw cutting center with band saw and cold cut allows all types of structural tube, angle, rods, key stock and more to be cut to length for any structural application.

Wet Coat Painting

With our in house spray booth we can spray your parts after processing with any primer, enamel, epoxy, clear coat, etc. on the market. We also offer added value services such as powder coating, electropolish, passivation, plating and more.

Fabrication Design

With a combined 70+ years in the metals industry we can aid in design of any product you have. Whether it's a current product you want to enhance or a new product release we are here to help you make it happen.


We also offer complete in-house assembly services. Whether you're putting in PEM inserts, weld nuts, rivets or other fasteners we have the capability to do it all from flat sheet to finish product ready to ship.

Metal Finishing

We offer metal finishing process for different grain/ brush looks as well as in house passivation / weld cleaning on stainless steel and other metals.